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Rabu, 01 September 2010


Sehubungan dengan Request member mengenai FunFacts member A.N.JELL You Are BEautiful and ternyata susah jug carinya..aku share PROFILE INFO dari salah satu personelnya ya..

INFO ini aku dapetin dari FanBase dy di FB =>

Name in English: Jang Keun Suk/Jang Geun Suk
Name in Korean: 장근석
Name in Hanja: 張根錫
Date of Birth: 4th August, 1987
Zodiac/Horoscope: Leo
Height: 182cm (6ft)
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother (Only Child, no siblings)
Education: KwangJang Middle school, Bangsan High School, New Zealand Nelson College, Hanyang University Drama (Major in Movie)
School Year: February 2000 - Seoul DongYi Primary school graduate
February 2003 - KwangJang middle school graduate
January 2003 - New Zealand Nelson College enrollment
July 2003 - Bangsan High School First year joins in the middle of course
February 2006 - Hanyang University Enrollment - Drama (major in Movie)
Hobbies: listening to music, snowboarding, skiing, singing, dancing
Treasure: Family, Playstation
Favourite Color: Blue, Ivory White
Specialty: Skiing, Snowboarding
Favourite Food: Spicy food, 게장 - GeJang(marinated raw crabs)
Favourite Fruit: Pineapple
Most respected person: Kim Gu Kim Gu profile
Ideal Partner: Honest, Cute, woman with great sense of dressing
What is the first feature that you look in a woman: Eyes
What do you hear most from opposite gender: You are so cute
Favourite possession: Clothes, Accessories
Motto: Nothing is impossible!
Close Celeb Friends: CSJH Stephanie, Isak, MC Mong, Moon Geun Yong, Yoo Ah In, Choi Si Won
Favourite Actor: Ahn Sung-ki/안성기/安圣基
Company: Tree J Company
Debut: Sitcom Selling Happiness
First Debut Drama: Women's World
Geun Suk is multi talented. He has done VJ, MC, Voice dubbed for cartoon, Acting, Modelling, dancing
Geun Suk has done modelling for MCM,Etude, LeSportsac, Motorola,etc.
Geun Suk also plays guitar. He sings, he dance too, even tap dancing!

HBS 1997 - Happiness for Sale - Sudong (The first TV Drama debut)
SBS 1998 - Hug
KBS 1999 - An Encounter
KBS 1999 - Mr. Nooroongji and Seven Potatoes
SBS 2001 - Women's World, 여인천하
MBC 2001 - Four Sisters' Story, 네 자매 이야기
SBS 2002 - The Great Ambition, 대망
SBS 2002 - School
SBS 2002 - Orange
MBC 2003 - Nonstop 4
KBS 2003 - The Owl Museum
SBS 2005 - Lovers in Prague, 프라하의 연인
Tooniverse 2006 - Alien Sam, 에일리언 샘
KBS2 2006 - Hwang Jini, 황진이
Heroine 6
Rainbow Romance
KBS2 2007 - Hong Gil Dong, 홍길동
MBC 2008 - Beethoven Virus
SBS 2009 -You Are Beautiful

2004-2005, Jang Keun Suk's FunFan MC, YTN STAR
2005, What's Up - MC, DMB TV
SBS TV 2005, TV Box Office - MC, TV박스오피스 2007, Chase! X-Boyfriend - MC
2007 Inkigayo - MC host Inkigayo Thread
2008 ExtremeX 2

2002- Cartoon - Treasure Planet, 보물성
2003-Treasure Planet Jim Hawkins (voice)
2006- One Missed Final Call
2006-Chakshin Ari Final, 착신아리 파이널
2007-Doremifasolasido, 도레미파솔라시도
2007-Happy Life, 즐거운 인생
2007-Going Crazy Waiting, 기다리다 미쳐
2008-Baby and Me
2008-Niko & The Way To The Stars, Niko - Lentajan Poika
2009- Itaewon Murder Case, Pierson
2010-You're My Pet (upcoming)

Year Unknown
- Coca Cola
- Daily Milk
- Hyundai
- Ottogi Quick Meals
- Salim Food
- Shany (CF)

- Kellogg's Cornflakes (CF)

2001 - 2004
- SK TING (SK텔레콤)

2005 - 2006
- Skool Looks (스쿨룩스) (CF)

- Lotte Chic Choc (칙촉) Cookies (20s, 30s)
- Shu Uemura

- LeSportsac
- Etude House - Vitcara (30s , Dance)

- EXR apparel
- The Suit House
- Etude House - Black Engine (30s, Black Engine Version 1, Black Engine Version 2)
- Peach Make Up (CF)
- Aqua Sherbet (CF)
- BSX apparel (CF)
- Maeil Caffe Latte (Bedroom, Chat, Rooftop)
- Haitai Beauty Style (15s, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4)

- The Suit House
- Etude House - VIP Girl (30s, Kiss, Paparazzi, After Party)
- BB Compact (CF)
- Samsung Yepp-P3 (Toucholic)
- Samsung Yepp M1 (15s, 30s, Just Drag)
- Samsung HaHaHa Campaign (CF)
- SK Telecom - TTL Ten Ten Ten (CF)
- Nate (CF)
- Maxim Coffee (CF)

-New Garden 5 (with Park Shin Hye) (upcoming)

[2009] Drama You’re Beautiful OST (Special Edition)
- What should I Do? / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009] Drama You’re Beautiful OST Part. 2 (Regular)
- Without Words / Jang, Keun Suk
- Good Bye / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009] Drama You’re Beautiful OST (Regular)
- Still / A.N. Jell
- Promise / A.N. Jell
[2009] Just Drag (Single)
- Just Drag / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009] Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love (Single)
- Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008] Drama Beethoven Virus OST (Single)
- Can You Hear Me Part 2 / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008] Black Engine (Single)
- Black Engine / Jang, Keun Suk
[2007] The Happy Life OST (Regular)
- The Happy Life (Radio Edit. Ver.) / Hwal Hwa San
- It’ll Explode (Ver. 3) / Hwal Hwa San
- It’ll Explode 2007 (Ver. 2) / Hwal Hwa San
- Fireworks / Hwal Hwa San
- The Happy Life (For Film) / Hwal Hwa San
[2007] The Happy Life OST (Single)
- The Happy Life (Main Theme) / Hwal Hwa San (Active Volcano)
- It’ll Explode / Hwal Hwa San
[2004] Sitcom Non Stop 4 (Regular Edition)
- Sky High / Non Stop Band
- Non Band Song / Non Stop Band
- Happy Happy Birthday / Non Stop Band
- Let’s Get Down / Jang, Keun Suk
- We’re Here / Non Stop Band

VJ for SBS, "Live直播人氣歌謠" 2001-2002
Jang Geun Suk's Young Street, 2004-2005 SBS
Jang Geun Suk's TU2U, 2005 DMB Radio

Mini Biography:
Keunsuk made his debut as a 10 year old actor in TV sitcom, "We sell happiness".
He also appeared in TV sitcom "Nonstop 4" in 2003, soap opera "Lovers in Prague" in 2005.
With significant success of starring role as "Eunho" in the soap opera, "Hwang Ji Yi" in 2006, Keunsuk has proved himself capable of handling versatile characters.
He has not only hosted a show but also appeared in musical(Theseus, 2004, and Hercules, 2005)

[1994] Nationwide Beautiful Children Daesang
[2004] SBS Jang Keun-suk's Young Street Radio Program (Special Award)
[2006] KBS Acting Award Best Couple (Hwang Jin-Yi)
[2007] 10th Director's Cut Award Male Newcomer (Happy Life)
[2008] 44th BaekSang Awards (Movie) Male Newcomer (Happy Life)
[2008] 2nd Mnet 20's Choice Award Male Movie Star
[2008] MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actor [Beethoven Virus]
[2008] KBS Drama Awards – Popularity Prize [Hong Gil Dong]
[2009] SBS Drama Acting Awards – 10 Popularity Prize [You're Beautiful]
[2009] SBS Acting Award – Netizen The Most Popular Awards

NOMINATION male performance di daejong (grand bell award 2008) on last june (Happy Life) new actor in best new actor di 17th Buil Film Awards Nominations (Happy Life)
3 .28th Blue Dragon Awards tahun 2007 (Happy Life)
4. 6th Korea Film Awards (1 December 2007), (Happy Life)
7. korean best dresser 2008

By: Deviana ^_^

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