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Jumat, 12 Juni 2015

Tugas Softskill Bahasa Inggris 2

Nama : Deviana Wijaya
NPM : 11211940
Kelas 4EA19

Triangle Love
Once upon a time there was a young man named Tommy. Tommy really crave a beautiful young woman beautiful. Beginning of this story originated from the first glance at the bus station. Tommy 's ideal woman named Verolyn , at the time Verolyn was cycling with his friend , passing Tommy shop. That's where the beginning Tommy fall in love.
Tommy has a male friend named Feri. The ferry turns out that familiar with Verolyn , then ferry Verolyn introduced to Tommy , and Tommy was happy she got acquainted with the woman of his dreams. The ferry then left them alone so that they both had a chance to talk. Having finished their conversation , before Tommy left Verolyn , Tommy asked Verolyn hp number so that they can know each other more deeply .
After a few months they often texting , make friends , roads , etc. , was long Verolyn also has feelings felt by Tommy . Tommy saw seemed Verolyn also provides an opportunity for him , and Tommy was thinking of ways to express love for Verolyn. Then Tommy send an sms to Verolyn containing invites Verolyn to meet at a restaurant that has been planned by Tommy . A dish filled with candles , and beautiful scenery such as the atmosphere at the top . There Verolyn honored Tommy turns romantic.
At the time Tommy was hesitant to express her love to Verolyn , because Tommy was nervous alias awkward , and finally Tommy boldly ventured to declare his love to Verolyn with a romantic atmosphere and sends Verolyn to choose between flowers and candles. Because according to Tommy when Verolyn choosing flowers , it means Verolyn accept Tommy to be kekasinya , whereas if Verolyn choose candles , it means love Tommy because he refused to have a fire like a candle burning heart. Turns Verolyn pick flowers , Tommy was shocked and embraced Verolyn. On that night they both felt happy because already officially became lovers.
After a few months of their relationship, turns Verolyn often smsan also by ferry , beginning Tommy was no suspicion , because according to the contents sms Tommy was mediocre. But it turns out there is a catch and Tommy still provide opportunities to Verolyn then Tommy had the idea to walk to Niagara and Verolyn agreed. Tommy and Verolyn then go to the waterfall that has been planned by Tommy before. Once there , Tommy and Verolyn met with Ferry accidentally. Tommy was invited Verolyn to better keep the distance to further the ferry . And Tommy was invited Verolyn to bathe in the waterfall at the top. There they feel the romance during their courtship , Verolyn help Tommy to clean himself with soap and rubbing heads with shampoo Tommy , and Tommy was delighted at first . And ferries also see what is done by Verolyn against Tommy , was Ferries also keep careful of Verolyn . That's where it started the game at the start .
Out of the shower , they went home and Tommy deliver Verolyn home , Verolyn feel uneasy and send sms kapada Ferries then asked whether the ferry was jealous when she saw Verolyn were bathing along with Tommy , and replied that the actual Ferries ferry was hurt and making out in front of him. And the ferry was invited Verolyn dinner to discuss this issue and Verolyn agreed. At night the ferry turns shooting Verolyn unbeknownst to Tommy . Verolyn feel doubtful and has not yet responded to the ferry , then Feri give me 2 days to Verolyn to answer the answers to the statement of his love for Verolyn .
Two days later , after in mind , there is nothing wrong turns Verolyn also provides the opportunity for ferries , as they have in mind Verolyn is only to select which one is more appropriate for him , without thinking of the feelings that are clearly Tommy is a good friend Feri. At that time Tommy and his friends were eating together , Tommy also invite Verolyn to eat together and Verolyn rejected with the reason that Verolyn more males out of the house and prefer to create silence in the room , it turns out the same night Verloyn being out with Feri , when Tommy road to go home , Tommy saw a girl who is no stranger in her eyes , then Tommy was chasing the girl with his motorcycle , after approached turned out it was Verolyn with Ferry , and Tommy was shocked , and Tommy immediately go home without wanting to listen to the explanation of Ferry and Verolyn.
Then Ferries phone to Tommy hp up several times to apologize , but Tommy did not answer the phone on the ferry . And ferries also send sms to Tommy contents that when ferry was actually also like the same Verolyn and ferries also been invented by Verolyn unbeknownst to Tommy , Ferry later admitted that he had stabbed Tommy from behind ( dating Verolyn ) , here appearing love triangle. Tommy did not want to meet with Verolyn and ferry again , for Tommy them was a traitor . Once a month is not met , and without a word , ferries and Verolyn menjalain relationship has been a month , while the status of Tommy with Verolyn at that time still as lovers .
At the time Tommy was eating in a restaurant , suddenly Tommy met with Ferries & Verolyn . The ferry over to Tommy and friends Tommy , then friends Tommy angry with Feri as Feri had betrayed his best friend. The ferry then apologized to Tommy in front of friends Tommy , but Feri not biased release Verolyn because Ferries already very loving Verolyn . Then Verolyn angry at Ferries for ferries to apologize to Tommy in front of friends Tommy. And the ferry was invited Verolyn go with his motorcycle , when Verlyn being in cary by ferry , Verolyn still angry at the time Ferry was riding a motorcycle with a fairly fast pace as well .
Then was so upset , Verolyn also hit the head with her ​​purse Ferries Ferries to the head . Suddenly there appeared a truck with a very high speed from the opposite direction , and the motor ferry was hit a truck , then Verolyn was thrown a distance of three meters from the scene last Verolyn died on the spot , then Feri taken to hospital with state of coma.
It turns out there is no friend Tommy who saw the incident and then she tells Tommy to visit Ferry Hospital , unfortunately Verloyn can not tertolonglagi because very severe injuries in the head. Several days later the ferry was out of the coma , and Tommy was hurried to the hospital to visit Ferries , after Ferry conscious , Ferry surprised that his foot on the right are not biased in motion at all , Peter was weeping and apologizing to Tommy because the incident . Tommy Ferries forgive them back like it used to be best friends again.
Note : never betray his own best friend , because it's looking for a friend more difficult than the search for a lover , for treason against his own best friend will get as a result of what we have done.. J


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