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Selasa, 31 Maret 2015

Post 1. Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama : Deviana Wijaya
NPM : 11211940
Kelas : 4EA19

Paragraph 1 consist of 10 subject
          Hello this is my story of entrepreneurship. Initially I was just mediocre in terms of selling, because just selling goods or products sought my friend by Senior High School. So it was my first sale only depends on the order of a friend only. If there is no order so I’m free. Well time high school to say my sales include selling and I’m very happy.. ^^

Paragraph 2 consist of 10 verbs
          After leaving high school age I do not intend to continue to pursue higher education. However, suddenly I want to collage majoring in economics faculty of management, and I have aspirations to become a manager. A woman becomes manager is a cool figure in my opinion. Because it seems that the manager has a good position, because as a boss so I am free to set subordinates.

Paragraph 3 consist of 5 complement
            During college I had a recent activity, besides lectures my favorite activities are shopping and traveling. Do not know? I also like to watch Korean dramas. Last Korean drama I watched entitled Birth of Beauty. The story of a woman fat and ugly then perform plastic surgery to be beautiful and his dream is to win a cooking contest. After college I like to go out to eat noodle with my friend name is Sari, because the noodle tasted delicious. Actually I live swimming, but unfortunately I cannot swim L. 
Paragraph 4 consist of 5 modifiers

            This time I with Sari eating noodles on the streets, after eating on the street, her stomach usually hurts. Do not know why the Sari is a very sensitive stomach. The thing I often do for him is I stored the fresh milk to my friend in the bottle. I also like to see Sari when swimming, because she swims so beautifully. One more custom Sari, she love found a chocolate put on my bag.

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