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Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Tulisan 3

TV Stations Deny Biased Reporting Say Democrats Crates Own Scandal

Two television stations owned by political party members denied their coverage was intentionally slanted against the Democratic Party, saying the scandals within the ruling party demanded news coverage.
          At a seminar to address the issue, both Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie’s tvOne and Metro TV, which is owned by National Democrat Party (NasDem) founder Surya Paloh, blamed the Democratic Party politicians for the groups downward spiraling popularity, not their broadcast.
          “The ones who ruin the party’s image are not media like us. It is their own officials,” tvOne editor in chief Karni Ilyas said at the seminar.
          The Democrats have filed a report against both TV stations with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), accusing them of using their newsprograms to hurt the party while promoting certain political parties whose leardes own the TV statios.
          Karni said tvOne had to run stropis about corruption cases implicating many members of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s party because of their news value.
          The news has attracted public attention because many Democratic Party members, such as former Miss Indonesia Angelina Sondakh, have been implicated in graft.
          Angelina, the party’s former deputy secretary and its former treasure, Muhammad Nazaruddin, have been named suspects in a high-profile corruption case.
          For months, the scandals has made headlines in the media, including tvOne and Metro TV, as it has spun to other high-ranking party members.
          Democratic official Ferry Julianto reported tvOne and Metro TV to the KPI for allegedly being political machines for Golkar and Nasdem, a change Karni denied.
          “There has been no order from Aburizal Bakrie to corner Democrats. In fact, he has never been to the tvOne newsroom,” he said.
          Metro TV news director Tomi Suryopratomo said the broadcaster never had a specific plan to corner the party.
          “If a TV station operates based on a political interest, then I guarantee it won’t last,” he said.
          Democratic deputy secretary general Ramadhan Pohan claimed that tvOne and Metro TV had not been balanced in broadcasting graft and political issues.
          For example, he said that tvOne never ran updates on the Lapindo mudflow story from 2006, which implicates one of Aburizal’s firms.

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